Recycled Mango Wood 2-Door 3-Drawer Dresser Cezanne

The CEZANNE Solid Mango Wood 2-Door 3-Drawer Dresser is much more than a place to tidy away your crockery. It also strongly influences the character of the room around it. Made from recycled mango wood, this dresser has enticing metal handles with a distressed brass effect. It has 3 sections for the ultimate in home storage. First, the lower section has 2 sliding doors to keep a few items and documents out of sight. Then there's the central section, with 3 drawers for utensils and cutlery. Finally, the top section can be used to display your taste in crockery. We can see it now, with a cute little white porcelain teapot, a glass carafe and handsome wine glasses. What do you think?

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