John Lewis & Partners Natural Duck Feather and Down 5cm Deep Mattress Topper

This topper offers more support due to the higher feather content in the bottom layer. The 50% feather, 50% duck down top offers extra comfort and support. Nomite™ This allows people with dust mite allergies to enjoy natural bedding. Following a hygienic washing and high-temperature drying process, fillings are then sealed in a tightly woven fabric cover which acts as a barrier against dust mites. Dual Layer The base layer can stay on the mattress while the top can be removed for washing. A base layer gives support, a top layer adds comfort. All of our natural bedding suppliers provide us with assurance that their feather and down is sourced only as a by-product. In addition, they're monitored to ensure they practice the highest standards of animal welfare. Worth Knowing This natural product has been compressed and should be unpacked and aired for 24 hours. We do not recommend using this topper with an electric blanket as it will significantly limit its effectiveness.

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