John Lewis & Partners Java II Motion Medium 2 Seater Leather Sofa with Footrest Mechanism, Metal Leg

Redesigned to more modern proportions, Java II features slender legs, generous bolster style arms and innovative Cortec™ pocket spring technology for a supportive sit. This is our Motion version which also features a footrest, so you can properly kick back and relax. Comfort and sustainability We use innovative Cortec™ pocket springs to give excellent support in the Java II. These springs help retain the cushion shapes so they stay firmer for longer compared to foam seats. The air in the pockets also allows for natural ventilation, keeping upholstery clean and fresh, and with no glue used the springs are 100% recyclable. Worth knowing... As leather is a natural product, there are natural characteristics on each leather hide used to make our sofas. These could be things like brand marks, insect bites or wrinkles. A large sofa could be made with as many as four hides so there may also be some slight colour variation, however, we have strict guidelines to make sure any noticeable marks aren't in a prominent place. These distinctive qualities also mean that no two pieces of leather furniture will be exactly the same. It's the little things At John Lewis & Partners we care about our furniture; how it's designed, the materials used and the people who make it. That's why every detail is carefully considered, with more than 20 quality checks, to ensure you're as proud of it as we are. Want to see it first?You may want to see and get a feel for this piece of furniture in one of our shops before ordering. If you do plan on doing this we recommend giving us a call on 03452 661805 as not all our ranges are on display in our shops. We'll be able to tell you where the range you'd like to view is on display.

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