John Lewis & Partners Climate Collection Copper 1600, King Size, Medium/Firm Tension Pocket Spring Mattress

Our Climate Collection is innovatively designed to regulate the mattress surface temperature while you sleep. Materials made with patented phase-change crystals and infused with copper beads, store and release the heat produced by your body to regulate temperature. Designed with a pocket spring system and a layer of memory foam, these mattresses have a total of 1,600 springs in the king size model and provide pressure-relieving, responsive support. About Ortho Support The Copper 1600 models fit into our Ortho Support range. These are reassuringly dense and supportive, perfect for those who prefer a firmer feel. Enhanced temperature regulation The memory foam within this mattress is integrated with phase-change crystals that work constantly to absorb, store and then release body heat. It is additionally infused, and works in harmony with minute copper beads. Highly-conductive copper acts as a thermal pathway, and moves the heat away from the material surface to cool the sleeper, therefore triggering the phase-change reaction. This combination of materials accelerates the speed of the temperature-regulating process, and will maintain an optimal airflow and sleep-surface temperature throughout the night. Pressure relief Thanks to the high-density memory foam filling as well as a pocket spring system, this mattress provides a tailored level of comfort. Responsive memory foam allows you to sink into the mattress and relieves pressure points as it conforms to the shape of your body. Pocket springs maintain the structure of your mattress and move independently as you move throughout the night, in order to distribute your weight evenly for direct and precise support. Benefits of copper content Not only highly conductive, copper is also a naturally antibacterial and antiviral element. As it helps to speed-up and maintain your sleep temperature, it also ensures your mattress stays fresh-feeling and hygienic throughout its lifetime. Make the most of your mattress After unwrapping your new mattress, leave it in a well-ventilated room for a few hours. Any smell from the fillings will dissipate after a few days. We recommend using a mattress protector, airing your mattress regularly and rotating it each month. An electric blanket can be used on Climate Collection models, but will make the surface temperature warmer than normal. If you're placing this mattress on a slatted base, ensure the gaps are no more than 7.5cm apart. Try before you buy This is an important purchase and it's worthwhile to try your choice of mattress in store to make sure it's right for you. Our store Partners will be able to tell you more about its benefits, and recommend options based on your needs. For more information, call 03452 661 805 and we can tell you where the range you'd like to view is on display.

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