John Lewis & Partners Classic Sustainable Waitrose Wool Pillow Top 1400 Pocket Spring Mattress, Medium/Firm Tension, Super King Size

We've upgraded and reinvented our Classic Collection wool mattresses with a design that's kinder to the environment, and also provides even more support and pressure relief. Made in the UK, these mattresses are made with a ReActive™ pocket spring system alongside luxurious, hand-tufted fillings, including British wool which is traceable to Waitrose and Red Tractor assured farms. Together with recycled fibres and a strong, side-stitched border, these mattresses provide even, responsive support for a luxurious feel and a deeper night's sleep. There are 1,400 springs in the king size model. Red Tractor traceable wool from Waitrose farms The British wool in these mattresses is responsibly sourced from our Waitrose farms, as well as farms assured by Red Tractor Food and Farming Standards, so we know exactly where it's coming from. Our Partnership ensures these farmers get a fair price for the wool that they produce. Plus, fleece wool has natural temperature regulating properties, so while it feels cosy, soft and springy, it also helps to keep your sleep environment cool and fresh. Integrated pillow top layer We've added a pillow top layer for an even more luxurious feel. It's plump, hand-tufted and adds the perfect extra layer of comfort, encouraging you to sink gently into the mattress. ReActive™ pocket spring system The ReActive™ pocket springs in this mattress are produced in an individual, tightly coiled format, so they respond and react as you move throughout the night and keep your body weight evenly distributed. Providing precise pressure relief, they also help to maintain the structure of the mattress. Chemical free sleep surface Traditionally, some manufacturers add chemicals to mattresses in order for them to be fire retardant and compliant with regulations. In our quest to be as kind to the environment as possible, our Classic Wool Collection mattresses are naturally fire retardant and free from traditional chemical flame retardant treatments. Medium/Firm tension Pressure-relieving support from head-to-toe, with slightly extra give. Try before you buy This is an important purchase and it's worthwhile to try your choice of mattress in one of our shops to make sure it's right for you. Our store Partners will be able to tell you more about its benefits, and recommend options based on your needs. For more information, call 03452 661 805 and we can tell you where the range you'd like to view is on display.

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