Folkestone Wooden Lantern Duo with TruGlow® Candles

Our natural wooden lantern duo will add a stylish yet cosy feel to your home. Dress your home by styling the lanterns in your living room or entrance for a bright calming glow that fills your space. Paired with our exclusive TruGlow® candles, the hand poured real wax and LED flickering flame look just like the real thing! Style your lanterns together for the ultimate showstopper or place them around your space for a seamless glow around your home. To illuminate, pop 2 AA batteries into the base of each candle, and switch on the handy 6 hour timer to enjoy the warm bright light all year long! (H) 59.3 & 42cm 2 x AA batteries per candle (sold separately) 6 hour timer Please note, these candles are made from real wax and shouldn’t be placed in direct light or near a heat source due to the risk of them melting.