6 Wax Battery LED Votive Candles

Forget the tiresome search for lighters or matches – our LED votive candles are good to go at the flick of a switch. They’re beautiful in votive glasses, illuminating them with a subtle flickering light that replicates exactly the movement of a flame. At 5cm tall, they’re slightly higher than traditional tea light candles, which makes them ideal in festive arrangements of flowers or foliage, as well as on shelves, tables, stairs, or even leading an outdoor path towards a focal point on clement evenings. What’s more, they’re designed to look like authentic candles, so they are lovely in daylight too. You can expect 40-60 hours of illumination from each battery. Dimensions: (H) 5cm x (D) 5cm 6 x CR2032 Batteries Included Gentle Flickering Effect Please note, these candles are made from real wax and shouldn’t be placed in direct light or near a heat source due to the risk of them melting.