6 Slim LED Battery Candles With Dripping Wax

Our set of battery operated LED candles range in height from 5cm to 22.5cm. The exterior of each individual wax pillar is warm, tactile real wax, giving them a glow that’s precisely akin to that of an old-fashioned candle. What’s more, they’re safe next to fabrics and foliage, and can even be left on when you go out, so you’re welcomed home by a flickering glow. With the batteries already included, you can expect 40-60 hours of illumination before they'll need replacing. (H) 5cm - 22.5cm x (D) 5cm 6 x CR2032 batteries included Made from real wax Please note, these candles are made from real wax and shouldn’t be placed in direct light or near a heat source due to the risk of them melting.