30 Multi Coloured Plug In Fiesta Festoon Lights

Put our black cable fiesta festoon lights to the top of your party list, they have a deep intense colour in the darkness that’s sure to liven up your indoor or outdoor space. These multi coloured bulbs are lightweight and made from perspex so they’ll survive blustery days and you are oh so easy to hang in your home. 7.25m of Lights, 5m Lead Transformer (included) Removable Bulb Caps 30 multi coloured durable bulbs house 1 coloured LED (depending on cap colour), super safe as LEDs don't emit heat and they're eco-friendly- what more could you want? Each globe cap can be unscrewed and reattached making these festoon lights ideal for creating vintage style marquee letters or words for weddings or parties. With 7.25 metres of lights and 5 metres of lead cable from the transformer (supplied) to the first bulb, you can pop your desired position with ease. That’s enough blank cable from socket to lights to ensure there’re no trailing bulbs going down your walls when creating your own canopy above your patio. TOP TIP - Each light has a hook at the top on the side of each bulb to allow you to slide it on to a wire or thread a string through it, enabling you to hang your lights just about anywhere.

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