12 Wax Battery LED Votive Candles

Our set of 12 real wax cream candles introduces a gorgeous glow to all manner of occasions. Whether you're popping them in a lantern, candle holder or displaying them solo on your mantelpiece there’s a lot to love about these mini marvels. Made from wax and radiating a warm white flicker they project all of the charm of the real thing. Each realistic flame contains an individual flickering LED. Pull the tab out, switch on and let your little lights do the rest. The battery box and the ON/OFF switch are discreetly positioned beneath the candle, so it's easy to replace the battery. You can expect 70 hours of shine time before they'll need to be refreshed. Dimensions: (D) 5cm x (H) 3.5cm 1 x CR2032 Battery Per Candle (included) Real Wax Please note, these candles are made from real wax and shouldn’t be placed in direct light or near a heat source due to the risk of them melting.

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