10 TruGlow® Christmas Tree Candle Lights

Our ivory candle clips are perfect for accessorising Christmas trees and will add a seasonal glow to your arrangement! The clip provided at the bottom of each candle makes them super easy to attach and look best distributed evenly as part of your tree decor. Our TruGlow® candles use real wax and the flickering effect of the realistic flame creates a “just lit” look. The LEDs are safe to pair with fabrics and other materials, as they don’t emit heat and remain cool to the touch. Simply pop in 1 x AA battery into each candle and use the handy remote control for effortless illumination. (H) 14.5 x (D) 6.3cm x (W) 6.3cm 1 x AA battery per candle (sold separately) 6 hour timer Exclusive to Lights4fun Please note, these candles are made from real wax and shouldn’t be placed in direct light or near a heat source due to the risk of them melting.